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About us

For years I've struggled with rain rot on my horses' legs, butt, and face. Year after year I've searched for products that would finally end my fight against skin issues. I tried many different products and found them all to either be stinky, greasy, expensive, and/or ineffective. 

In the spring of 2017, I decided to create my own recipe for fighting the skin issues that have plagued my horses over the years, and after much research and trial and error, I fell in love with the blend I now call Unicorn Grooming Spray. 

It not only kept my horse's coat completely free from skin issues these past 2 years, but it has left him looking like a stall-kept horse, even though he lives outside 24/7. His coat is shiny and healthy and shows no signs of being sun-bleached. His mane and tail, which have always looked frizzy and a bit thin, now look fuller and smooth. 

UGS is keeping his coat smooth and healthy, and grooming takes less time because the dirt and dust brush easily off of him. It works great in the winter, too, when his fluffy coat is covered in dust. In the colder months when I'm not bathing or rinsing him often, I used the spray before riding, and it allows me to wipe the dust right off rather than brushing it into a big dusty cloud. 

I also really love the idea that I'm not using harmful chemicals on my horse when I'm using this spray. 

While natural, not all essential oils are safe to use on horses. UGS oil blend is safe for horses and contains no substances on the USEF or FEI banned substance list. 

Check out our first product review video by Deanna Corby from Deanna Corby Dressage: Product Review Video.